Love Dove
Branding, Website, App Design

The Idea

At Nowboarding we love, love! Gale and the love dove team came to rebrand, craft a website and refresh the look and functionality of their current App! Helping Love Dove craft their happily ever after.


Our team jumped in researching why the current App isn’t hitting the target audience and what the brand would need to attract the right audience. Jumping into heavy research we found with 118, 401 Marriages registered in 2016 and 326 weddings a day across Australia. It was important to understand our audience what they want & don’t want. We knew that we had to create a supportive, informational yet fun brand that would appeal to all types of Brides and Grooms!


The branding was inspired by crafting paper hearts. We wanted Love Dove to have a very personal touch as a wedding is such an important day! Building the brand in a handcrafted allowed our messaging to shout from the roof! The App Design reflects what the target audience wants, a well organised and easy to use app that has everything you need in one place!


Once we nailed how Love Dove walked and talked, our development team working alongside our designers to develop a custom website that allows the target audience to engage and get involved with Love Dove! The Love Dove app is currently in development and will be launch in 2020!

“Just loved the energy of Trav, Tess and Paige! But more importantly, they totally got my idea and were able to develop a fabulous branding concept. Meticulous attention to detail really impressed my developer as well” Gail, Love Dove
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