Melbourne Bar Crawl
Branding, Film

The Idea

Melbourne Bar Crawl needed a branding refresh. They had a brandmark and some basic social media assets. They wanted something fun, youthful and a brandmark that really popped! They already had a strong presence that just needed some fine tuning.


Our design team dove into the Melbourne Bar crawl world to see who their target audience would be and what would make potential new clients choose them over other generic pub crawl company's.


We chose key words to represent MBC that would help build a strong and cohesive brand. Colours were chosen to really make the brand pop! The brandmark had a makeover to fit with the fun new branding. We really wanted to push the language, which was short and to the point, telling the audience exactly what they got. Such as free Pizza!


After presenting to Melbourne Bar crawl, they have taken the branding and rolled it out over their website and social media with the plan to apply it to merchandise such as t-shirts etc

“Such a talented team from design to product they all work in sync to deliver your project with as much passion as if it were their own. Exceptional high standard of work that will blow your socks off!” Ben, Melbourne Bar Crawl & Melbourne Key
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Using our extensive knowledge in App & Web Development, we were able to create seamless flows and eliminate any confusion moving through the interface.