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The Idea

Oneboard came to us with an established idea that just needed a brand established and the interface design crafted.


We sat down with the team at Oneboard and pulled everything out of their heads. From there, we jumped straight in understanding exactly how the Oneboard should walk, talk and act! Researching the different types of audience that will interact with the platform and building the brand from there.


By establishing Oneboards tagline “Manage all your paperwork in one place, so you can do what you do best” opened the flood gate to the branding! We established a strong brand that connected with all of the audiences. Our UI designers jumped in and fleshed out a great design based off branding. Using our extensive knowledge in App & Web Development, we were able to create seamless flows and eliminate any confusion moving through the interface.


After presenting everything to the team at Oneboard, they have now implemented the design using their own in-house development team with the guidance of our UI Designers.

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We also took our camera crew into the mighty Zuppa and captured all of the spectacular food,