View Bid
Branding, Marketing, Film & Motion, Web Design & Devlopment, App Design & Development

The Idea

The team at Viewbid saw a problem with how auctions where being recorded and they came up with the idea to create an App that would track, in real time, all of the bids at an auction and send them directly to clients and your team.


Our team of designers jumped on the idea, researching exactly what Agents & Home Buyers wanted. Creating an easy to use interface that allows everyone to quickly and seamlessly place bids and track how others are bidding.

Film & Motion

Our Motion and Film team have been flowing Viewbid's progress since the start! Creating great animations and videos capturing Viewbid in action!


We took that idea and turned Viewbid into an Android and IOS App that not only connects to an LED Screen but also to the Viewbid Dashboard that allows you to track your auctions and see bidding in real time!

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